Arlo Jervis or also known as A.J. is the main protagonist of the series My Weird School. He was born May 5, 1995.

He hates school, coffee, dead fish, and pretty much everything else. He likes Pee Wee football, Fizz Ed, junk food, ice cream, dirt bikes, etc.

He has an older sister, called Amy. His best friends are Ryan Dole and Michael Robinson. His close friends are Neil Crouch and Alexia Juarez. He says he hates Andrea, which in some books is proven to be not true. He is the narrator of all the books in the series, except for Back to School, Weird Kids Rule, which is narrated by Andrea.

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  • AJ is in the Gifted and Talented program (which is ran by Miss Coco) along with Andrea Young.
  • AJ is in love with Mrs. Cooney, and he is mad at Mr. Cooney for marrying her.
  • He never kisses his Mom in public.
  • Starting in the My Weirder School series, he talks about other things he hates besides school in the beginning of the books.
  • In My Weirdest School, AJ is 9 years old.
  • AJ has a pet dog called Buttons, mentioned in Mr. Macky is Wacky.
  • A.J goes to PeeWee football.
  • A.J thinks that the Nobel prize is "A prize they give out to people who don't have bells."
  • Though he claims to have to Andrea, several clues in the series mentions about him potentially having a secret crush on Andrea.
  • He really loves penguins and mention that he wants to move to Antarctica.
  • He says a million hundred hours for a long time when he wants to try to say "so long"

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