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Andrea Young, Andrea, Little Miss Perfect, Lover Of AJ


8 My Weird School
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Emily Pucket

Frenemies / Enemies

AJ (love interest)
Ryan Dole
Michael Robinson
Neil Crouch
Alexia Juarez


Mrs. Young
Unknown Father

Affliated With

Ella Mentry Elementary School
Princapal's Advisory Committee The Gifted and Talented Program

Andrea Kennedy Young or simply known as Andrea (born 1995) is the brow nosiest girl in school.

Andrea loves school, homework, healthy food, adult things, reading, soccer, ballet, and basically everything A.J. hates, except for A.J. himself. She loves taking classes in almost everything. She was eight years old and in the second grade in the first series and is nine years old and in the third grade throughout the second, third and fourth series.

how is she born in 1995 dude what

Even though Andrea frequently argues with AJ, she has a crush on him. This can be proven whenever she shows signs of affection towards AJ such as hugging or kissing him at times. Also, she has always gratefully thanked AJ whenever he saved her life from several situations - like when she almost drowned, when she choked, when she was hypnotized and acted like a mean kid. However, more than anything, she wants AJ to hold her hand at times and even talks about their future several times. She either says "If we were married, we would be holding hands all the time." or "Someday, you and I will get married." She also tries to somewhat befriend AJ when he has no choice but to live in her house for a few days in 'Back to School, Weird Kids Rule!'. In that books, she refers AJ to her "future husband and boyfriend", which strongly shows she does somewhat have an affection towards him.


  • Andrea is in the Gifted and Talented program, ran by Ms. Coco, along with A.J.
  • She plays Pee Wee football (revealed in Coach Hyatt is a Riot, but not seen in succeeding books.)
  • She is Coach Hyatt's "secret weapon" in the Pee Wee football team
  • Andrea was hypnotized in Dr. Brad Has Gone Mad!, She thought she wouldn't be hypnotized since she is smart, but the truth is that she can still be hypnotized.
  • Her mother, Mrs. Young is the vice president of the PTA, her mother lost to Mrs. Dole (Ryan's mother), which had caused rivalry between the 2 families.
  • Andrea wants to be an artist when she grows up, as stated in Ms. Hannah is Bananas!
  • Her mother is a psychologist and best friends with A.J.'s mom.
  • A.J acts like he hates Andrea even though he has a crush on her which he will strongly deny.
  • Andrea always calls AJ a douchebag everytime he says something Andrea does not agree on
  • Andrea was once in a beach house with AJ
  • Andrea was once a judge in the reality The Real Teachers of Ella Mentry in the book Ms. Beard is Weird along with Ryan and AJ
  • Andrea drowned in an ocean and AJ saved her from being drowned.
  • In 2013/14 Andrea's face shape has changed.
  • Andrea's dad was mentioned for the first time in Mrs. Patty is Batty!, when A.J. and Ryan tried to T.P. Andrea's house, but her dad's face is unknown.
  • She is the narrator of Back To School, Weird Kid's Rule.
  • She calls AJ by his real name (Arlo) because she knows he doesn't like it.
  • In 'Oh, Valentine, We've Lost Our Minds!', she said AJ is her special valentine and even kissed him,


"I don't approve of this violence."

"Not violins, Arlo! Violence!"