Lindsay is one of the members of Andreas Clique. She hates TV and everything A.J's gang likes .She loves school, homework ,healthy food ,Grown up stuff ,Ballet ,Soccer ,Classes ,and everything Andrea Young likes .She is the best soccer player on the california kids Soccer team .When she sits on the School bus she always sits next her best friends .She made her first appearance in Miss Daisy is Crazy when they were talking about what they wanted to be when they grow up .Lindsay wanted to be a singer when she grew up .Her friends are Julie and Annette her close friends are Andrea Young and Emily Pucket .Her enemies are AJ Ryan Dole Michael Robinson Neil Crouch Alexia Juarez and Billy .Her age is 8 in my weird school and her age is 9 in my weird school daze and my weirder school .She is cool ,nice,smart,polite and perfect .Lindsay has a tree house which the Girls go in so the Boys want find out where they are .Ryan and Lindsay look a lot like each other except they have different hair styles and they are the opposite gender.