Mr Macky is the weird reading specialist in Ella Mentry School.He is always wearing a black jacket and grey shirt,long trousers and black shoes.He looks quite old and always looks like Abraham Lincoln.His main story is Mr. Macky is Wacky!,where he does silly things (such as reading the label of chicken soup and pretending to be different presidents).He knows a lot of other presidents as well,because he was the man who did the 'Presidents' day show-and tell'activity.He is considered one of Ella Mentry school's best teachers, because he is sometimes in other teachers' books.Even though reading is his life,he also likes television as he is a TV dealership salesman who sells big-screen TVs.His real name is called Howard Macky (at the name tag at the TV dealership).He fell in love with Miss Daisy for a long time,but they kept it in secret,and they did lots of stuff together (such as burning ants with a magnifying glass for the fun of it).They were announced to get married in 'Mr Louie is Screwy!' and Miss Daisy became Mrs Daisy.They have a daughter who is drooling,crying,pooping and sucking her toes called Jackie Macky.