Ms. Hannah is Bananas is the fourth book in the My Weird School series.


A.J. and his friends learn that art can be made out of anything, even garbage.

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This book starts off with AJ hitting Andrea on the elbow. They say they hate each other, which AJ thinks is stupid. Emily agrees, and Miss Daisy warns them about the principal's office. AJ is scared of the principal. Miss Daisy is glad and tells them that they will be going to art. AJ then declares he hates art. Andrea says that AJ hates everything. AJ then states he dosen't hate football, skateboarding, trick biking, and monster movies. He says that he does hate school, and he especially hates Andrea. Andrea then states she loves art. She takes out a large box filled with art supplies. Andrea wants to be an artist when she grows up. AJ, makes a joke, which makes Ryan laugh crazy. Miss Daisy then makes a mean face and marches them to the art room which AJ thinks is dumb for what he calls "a million hundred miles" that required a water stop.

When they get to the art room, they see Ms. Hannah wearing a pot holder dress. Andrea compliments her, and Miss Daisy makes them sit boy-girl-boy girl.